Cracked Screen

The most common issue with all models is a cracked iPhone screen, which requires the replacement of the glass. Because all of our front glass repairs take about 15-20 minutes, we’re known around town as the “fastest iPhone repair in North Richland Hills.” Because the phone screen is one of the most fragile parts of an iPhone, it gets repaired more often than any other component. To keep up with the increased demand for iPhone screen replacements, we have a large stock of the highest grade LCDs for a wide range of models, from iPhone 6 to the most recent iPhone 13. Although cracked or broken glass screens are the most common issue with iPhones, there are steps you can take to prevent this. A high-quality tempered glass screen protector can protect your phone from damage if dropped or scratched by accident. A premium phone case, in addition to a tempered glass screen protector, will help safeguard your device from accidental damage and a cracked screen. At our store, we provide tempered glass screen protectors and a large variety of high-quality phone cases for all iPhone models. Call or visit to visit our store today to grab your favorite one.

Charging Port

If a person’s iPhone charging port is not working, it could be due to various factors. The most common issues we see with iPhone charging ports are that they are clogged with dirt or debris or that a metallic object has become stuck in them, causing a short circuit and making the charging port useless. In either case, replacing the charging port is the best method to bring your iPhone back to life and restore that fresh factory click you hear when you connect in the charger, which tends to fade with time due to constant plugging and unplugging of the cord. Currently, we see more iPhone 8s, iPhone 7s, and iPhone 6s needing charging port repairs than any other model, as the build-up of dirt and debris can take a couple of years to become evident, although this can mainly rely on how well you care for your device. As with other iPhone issues, appropriate care and prevention can keep these problems from occurring for a long time. It is recommended that you bring your iPhone to our store for a low-cost internal cleaning to prevent charging port issues.

Battery Issue

Although all iPhones are prone to battery issues, it is unusual to observe them in iPhones less than two years old. Most of our battery replacements are performed to increase a device’s total usage time after a full charge and prevent the phone from shutting down prematurely when the battery level has not yet reached 10% or less. Depending on how well the iPhone’s battery is maintained, these two issues usually appear after two to three years of constant use. Some of the ways a device less than two years old can start having battery troubles include leaving it plugged in for extended periods after being fully charged and exposing it to extreme temperatures. It is very common for an iPhone to need a battery replacement after it reaches the age of three years; in fact, most of the devices that come to our store with battery problems are around this age. Currently, the most common iPhone models with battery issues are the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, although, in recent months, we’ve seen an increase in the number of iPhone 8 and iPhone X models with these issues.

Back Glass

Starting with the iPhone 8 series, these devices include a back glass panel instead of an aluminium back like certain previous iPhone models, allowing them to utilize the wireless charging function. The phone’s back must be made of this glass for the magnetic field from the wireless charger to correctly transfer electricity to the coils in the device’s back. The back glass on these iPhone models, like the front glass screen, is highly delicate and can easily be broken or cracked if not given proper care. We have advanced machines that use a special laser to remove the glass without damaging the wireless charging coils inside the device and iPhone’s other more delicate components, such as the camera. It’s no surprise that many iPhone 8s, iPhone Xs, and iPhone 11s require both front and rear glass repair due to the nature of the back glass. We’ve seen about the same volume of damage to the rear glass on the iPhone 11 as we have to the front glass on previous models like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. Preventative measures, such as a good phone case, can extend the life of your back glass and prevent it from becoming cracked or scratched, just like the sensitive front glass screen. At our store, you can purchase one of our top-of-the-line iPhone cases or tempered glass screen protectors, as well as schedule your next iPhone repair.